Ryan Kellinger, CFP®

Ryan works with the team of fiduciary advisors to support client’s financial planning and investment management. He has a lead role in advising many new clients, particularly young professionals, new families, and the LGBTQ+ community who are facing a unique set of financial challenges.

The next generation is encountering distinct financial obstacles in building their lives today while balancing the future they are striving for. Having personally experienced these challenges and seeing family and friends navigate them, he has learned firsthand that comprehensive planning and financial literacy are crucial in empowering yourself to have the future you envision.

He believes there is an opportunity for people to take ownership of their financial health and make decisions that set themselves up for success while using their money to match their values. From student loan debt management, to investments that make an impact, and to achieving retirement on your own terms; the financial planning process is evolving.

Ryan has worked with Potomac Financial since 2016 and earned his Certified Financial Planner™ designation in August 2018 when less than 5% of all CFP® holders were under 30. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and completed Virginia Tech’s CFP® Certification Education Track.

Ryan grew up in Frederick, MD and recently moved to Washington, D.C., where he is excited to continue exploring the area, including discovering local restaurants, enjoying live music, and experiencing the outdoors around the city. Ryan also enjoys swimming, hikes, and visiting friends and family in the area. He’s looking forward to supporting causes that he feels passionate about by getting involved in his new community.