Time for a Plan?

We think so. Our comprehensive financial planning process helps you answer critical questions. These are just a few:

  • Saving for Retirement (or another goal) – how much do you need and how will you get there?
  • Income in Retirement – How will you make your money last, have confidence in your plans and really enjoy your retirement years?
  • Insurance
  • Managing Your Investment – Does your portfolio match your goals? Are you taking too much risk (or not enough) ?
  • Estate Planning – When you are gone, will your wealth be transferred efficiently and easily to the people and organizations you care about.
  • Risk Management – Can your plan survive an unexpected illness or premature death?
  • Saving for College – How much will you need to help your child attend college without a mountain of debt derailing your plans or theirs?
  • Minimizing Taxes – Are you taking advantage of the many tax saving strategies available?

We also provide:

  • Business Planning – Own a business or thinking about starting one? Are you making the most of the opportunity for wealth creation, positioned well for selling the business or passing it to the next generation?
  • Trust and Foundation Management– Are you a Trustee or Foundation Director? Are you sure your investments are prudent and will provide the necessary income and growth to meet objectives. We can provide asset management that will satisfy your fiduciary obligation or provide an independent review of investment performance and risk.