Saving for College

The cost of a college education grows each year. For many parents, helping their children pay these expenses is a source of worry that starts soon after they are born. How much will it cost? Will we be able to save enough?  Just figuring out where to invest the money – should we have a 529 plan?  – can stop you before you get started.

Our approach is to look at your college savings goal in light of all the other demands you have on your income and your other goals – retirement, saving for a new home, etc.– and then put a plan in place. Even a small regular investment can make a big dent in the cost of college funding, but only if you get started!

We’ll help you decide how much you can afford to save for college expenses without derailing your other plans and then get the appropriate accounts established. When the time comes to start filling out those college applications, you’ll be able to concentrate on the fun of college visits.